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April 2018 > week 16
Naamloos 1
Spring has finally come, warming our hearts, boosting our energy, inviting us
to come out of our caves, to open up, to embrace eachother.  
A time of transformation, the sparkles of a new life....
May it bring you joy, beautiful connections, new beginnings and an open heart.
With love,

Kevin James Carroll
Heartsongs Chanting Circle
May 19, 2018 - 20h00 - Leuven
"Son, why do you fight the mirror?  If you want to create a positive change in this world, just create something so beautiful that others want to be a part of it"  
                                   Kevin James' Mother

Kevin James is a man of the heart, bringer of love and joy, creator of beauty.  He's a chant leader from Australia with a unique ability to lead a room into ecstatic bliss and hear connection.
Sing mantra's, dance and fly together in the group consciousness, devotion and community spirit.  Kevin James' music is a world fusion of chanting.  Weaving ancient mantra's with his own prayers and heart songs.
Ecstacy and bliss guaranteed.  
Steinerschool Leuven
Privaatweg 7, Wijgmaal/Leuven


Deva Premal & Miten
with Manose
The Soul of Mantra
October 19, 2018 - 20h00 - Antwerp
"You can't sing with a closed heart, you just can't do it.  And if you try, as soon as you start singing, your heart just naturally opens more and more...."                                   

What a joy to have them back in Belgium.  Bringers of joy, open hearts, magic & bliss...  Singing with them brings you instant happiness, it makes your heart smile, really :-)
So, join us for an unforgettable evening of music, mantra, meditation and love in a participatory concert of contemporary and ancient chants and songs.
Miten's open heart surgery went well, he's recovering, with ups and downs - so let's send him our healing thoughts and vibes....
Theaterplein 1, 2000 Antwerpen



Ocean Samadhi
Midsummer Celebration with 
Mirabai Ceiba
June 24-29, Corfu

We are very excited to invite you on this new adventure in Corfu, to celebrate midsummer by the deep blue ocean of Greece.  Together with the sun, the starts, the full moon, in the midst of olive groves and beautiful nature.  Come and share with us six days of music, yoga, meditation, chanting & dance, embraced by the spirit of the ocean and the magical island.  We will rise with the sun, and the gentle breeze of the ocean, we will sing together for a new day, a new beginning, an opportunity to arrive within ourselves and together with others journey through the sweet melody of life.  Bring your beloveds, and allow the elements and the shared experience to open your mind and heart, and arrive in this moment.
We will have the June full moon as a reflection of the rising consciousness accompanying our gathering.
We await you with a joyful heart! - Markus, Angelika & Jyoti
Price: 390euro
Soul Happenings vzw
Sparrenweg 10 - 3051 Sint-Joris-Weert
Jyoti (Elke Delfosse)
0478/60 60 86

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